Established in 1995, the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for LGBT+ Advocacy is a non-elected, standing committee devoted to improving climate and diversity by making recommendations related to current and proposed policies and practices that affect LGBT+ employees and students.

News and Events

2012-13 Year Highlights We’ve been busy! The 2012-13 academic year is filled with accomplishments including the formation of a social networking forum for faculty/staff who identify as LGBT+ or allies; revisions to the Inclusive Facilities policy; creation of a training module, which was presented to campus deans in January 2013; and the hosting of the first-ever Sex and Gender Spectra conference.

(Gender) Inclusive Housing UW-Milwaukee University Housing is excited to announce that for students who will begin living with us in Fall 2013, we have received university approval to implement an Inclusive Housing policy, which will provide us with greater flexibility in assigning students to living spaces that meet their needs. Inclusive Housing offers an inviting, welcoming space for students who self-select and self-identify as gender non-conforming or who have other cultural or identity considerations related to living in the residence halls at UW-Milwaukee and students who identify as allies.

Trans* Commission We are still looking for volunteers for the Trans* Commission, a sub-group of the LGBT+ Advisory Committee. Their charge is to create equity, access, and an inclusive environment for people of all genders through education, advocacy and institutional change. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Co-Chairs of the LGBT+ Committee: Jen Murray or Katie Rose.